Application QR Code

I have downloaded the perspective app and am trying to get my instance on the phone. It is asking to scan the QR code. Where can I find that on the server?

Hey Dwayne,

QR codes are an open standard so you just generate them yourself. For example, here:

Just paste the perspective URL and the website will create a QR code that you can distribute and use in the app.

It’s important to note that you may get an application not found error when using the app if you’ve generated the QR code from a computer browser URL. This is because the app was intended to use perspective deeplinks, so convert the URL to a deeplink first as shown below:

http://serverIP:8088/ becomes perspective://serverIP:8088/


To add on to @amansour’s answer:
This will only open the targeted project in the native application. to SAVE the targeted project for future use in the native application you must select the “SAVE” option presented at the bottom of the application. Currently, this option to save only exists for about four seconds before disappearing. If you do elect to save the project to your native application’s list of projects you will see something like “Application Saved” in the same area you clicked the “SAVE” button - at which point you can select the project at some later time without the need to scan the QR code a second time.