ApplicationUri of ignition OPC-UA server

When I active the Expose Configured Tags in Ignition and connect with an OPC-UA client (UAExpert from Unified Automation) on a Gateway with multiple NIC, the ApplicationUri returned by Ignition is a bit strange.

I connect on the master gw ( and the IP in the URI is the IP of the backup gw (
When I connect to the backup GW the ip is the same ( in the URI

Initialy I use the backup machine to create my project, and then load the backup on the master and set the redundancy.

Can we set this parameters in Ignition ?

Regenerate the certificate on the machine with the incorrect application URI. You do this on the gateway under Ignition OPC-UA > Certificates. Regenerate, apply, restart gateway.

:thumb_left: Thanks a lot kevin, I regenerate it on master and backup gateway and restart OPC-UA module and it’s fine !