Architecture form


I believe there is a form that you have in which we can tell you all the information about our Gateway, such as number of devices connections, pull rate, number of tags, number of projects, etc.
Is that correct?

If anyone has one, can you send it to me?, so we can give you all the information and you can help us with the appropriated ignition architecture we need to use in this project.

I have a large architecture with a lot of devices and I need to know if I need 2 servers or how many? And what things to get in consideration on doing a project this big.

Thanks in advanced.

I believe you are talking about the:
Planning Checklist
Project Definition Questions

They are located under the extras section of the downloads page, or the links above.

Also, these documents were made way before the Gateway area network, things like remote tag providers and remote history providers weren’t possible. These features enabled by multiple gateways in a network can achieve some truly awesome architectures not before possible.