Architecture Question

Can someone comment on how this would work?

Does the front end gateways sync project changes, reports, tags, etc.?
I don’t understand how the 3 front end gateways work together.
Do you work on one and export turn import changes into another one?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

You can use EAM or (8.0+) any other filesystem synchronization mechanism (i.e. Git) to just synchronize the project resources.

The idea of a ‘front-end’ gateway is that it does not contain any tags - tag execution entirely happens on a separate gateway and is ‘brought in’ to the frontend gateway(s) via the remote tag provider mechanism.

So tag created in front end gateways would need need to connect to remote tag provider?

Forgive me, I haven’t used remote tag providers yet, then create tags in the tag browser under the remote tag provider?
OR can they be created on the backend (device connection gateway) and automatically shown/generated/seen/access to in front end gateways?

When you create a remote tag provider, as long as service security allows it, you can freely add/remove/edit tags on the providing gateway from the receiving gateway - in this case, the frontend gateway will see the tags from the backend gateway as if they were its own tags. The big advantage is that all the comm load with PLCs, any complex expressions/scripts, DB queries, etc is all happening centralized on the one backend gateway. The frontend gateway gets the values, but doesn’t have to do any actual computation.