Arduino & Ignition

I was wandering if anyone out there has done any work with arduino yet. Seems limitless on what one could do
With them. There is also a wide variety of data access methods besides serial such as modbus and http…

I stuck an Ethernet shield on mine ($11 on Ebay - a bargain!) and we wrote a Modbus TCP server for it. I can now read and write digitals and analogues straight from Ignition, which is nice for demonstrations.

I’ve just ordered a whole load of bits including some nice 3.3v radio modules, so I’m looking forward to trying out some home automation projects. Even though people are getting excited about the Raspberry Pi, I think the Arduino fits a lot better in this space.

Very cool! Thats just what I was hoping to hear. I am looking to build an infrared temp sensor and do some basis logic with it. I am looking to match a sensor made by Keyence that has a basic PNP/NPN output based on setting parameters around the temp value. I am hoping to beat the 800 price point of the sensor. With our budgets getting tighter we need to pinch every penny, this custom development is a way that I hope we can continue some of our engineering projects with a lower budget.

AlThePal - I don’t suppose you would be willing to share your Modbus code for the arduino??

We’re intending to - just need to find some time to tidy up error handling etc.

Ignition can also use http post and get for arduino
Along with XML functionality!!

Just following up to see if you had that arduino sketch you could share? I would love to connect the arduino to ignition!!

Sadly I’m not playing with Ignition in my current position, but I thought I’d share this:

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Thought this had actual promise as an Ignition client. I dont have one right now but I hope to in the distant future.