Arduino PLC

Seen this and wonder how well Ignition may talk to it for home play things :scratch:

That webpage mentions a Modbus accessory product but I can’t seem to find it.

I even see Ignition on this page…

I actually ordered the and am waiting for it to arrive. I have had good results using the MQTT client on an Arduino and would like to pursue it. Not sure the direction I would go yet.

The OPC Server for Arduino looks like a piece of Windows software acting as an OPC server and I am assuming that the Ardunio libs are some kind of custom OPC-pseudo client.

Anyone try it?


Hi…I am planning to create a another version of the OpenPLC. It will be called OpenPLC Mini. The idea is to create an arduino shield combining features of the input card and output card in only one board, that would attach to an arduino UNO or Mega. It also needs to be compatible with all software developed for the OpenPLC. It means that it will behave exactly as the original OpenPLC, but without ethernet and expansion capability. I believe that a small board will decrease costs and help the platform to spread better.

smt pcba

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I put together the Wonderware walkthrough on that page MANY years ago, it worked surprisingly well in that environment. Haven’t played with it in Ignition since then, but I assume it would work well. The only problem was the Arduino Yun’s built-in wi-fi didn’t support the OPC server.

You can also run Codesys on a Raspberry PI and interact with the I/O, that plays well with Ignition, would be another avenue if you wanted to get a more PLC-ish experience from the programming side.