Arduino to ignition loosing connection


I have an Arduino UNO with an ethernet shield communicating with ignition. I had it working, but when I tried to reconnect the very next day, the status of the device goes from connected to disconnected, and I cannot seem to find what is going on. I have tried rebooting PC, Arduino, different Arduino boards, connected the Arduino as a new device.

any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Anything in the logs? Can you communicate with the Arduino over ethernet with anything else?

Hello Pturmel,

sorry for the late response but I got it to work, but I have no idea why it works this way. so turns out in the Arduino script I have to set the initial values after I create the registers and coils.

 mb.addHreg(power_Holding);                                        // adding the holding register for power
  mb.addHreg(center_Holding);                                       //      same for center
  mb.addIreg(center_Pot_ir);                                        // inPut register for center pot
  mb.addIreg(power_Pot_ir);                                         // inPut register for power pot

  mb.addCoil(manual_Coil);                                          // adding the coil for manual control using ignition.
  mb.addCoil(disable_Coil);                                         // adding a coil to disable the arduino controls, so to move the motors by hand

  stepsinCenter = 0; 
  stepsinPower = 0; 
  power = 0;
  power_prev = 0;
  powertotal = 0;
  centertotal= 0;
  center = 0;                                                        // not sure why the values for each variables need to be called here and not right when creating them back on line 30-34
  center_prev = 0;
  manual = false;                                                    // else the arduino wont have a good connection to ignition. connection will keep dropping. 
  Enable = false;
  powerDir = true; 
  powerenable = true;

  mb.Hreg(power_Holding, power);
  mb.Hreg(center_Holding, center);
  mb.Ireg(center_Pot_ir, Center_Pot_Val);
  mb.Ireg(power_Pot_ir, Power_Pot_Val);

  mb.Coil (manual_Coil, manual);
  mb.Ireg(disable_Coil, Enable);

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Which library are you using ? I am trying to connect UNO via Modbus IP. While Gateway connects to the UNO, I cant seem to link the tag. Always getting bad quality.