Are alarm groups possible

I would like to split my alarming into three separate groups and play different sounds over the PA for each group. However, it doesn’t appear that this is possible with the new or existing alarm system.
Could a column be added to the alarming table so that it could be queried to provide this type of functionality?


There are probably a number of ways to do this. First off, you could set up three different pipelines, one for each group, and then set the alarms for each group to use the appropriate one for its group.

If you wanted to do something a little more advanced, you would create 1 pipeline that all of the alarms use. Ultimately there would be 3 notification blocks, one for each PA. You would use expression blocks to redirect the alarm events based on some property to the correct notification block.

The expressions could be based on something like the display path, but one of the cool new features is the ability to add “associated data” to alarms. So instead, I would add associated data for “AlarmGroup” to each alarm, and set it. Then your expressions would be like:


and 2, 3… etc.

Does this make sense? A few small things: we don’t currently have any sort of PA specific notification type… what does that mean in your case? I can imagine simply playing audio over speakers from the gateway machine, but how do you intend to interact with 3 different system? Do you mean 3 different machines that a Client might be running on?

Another small side note: as we test and play with the system, it’s becoming somewhat clear to me that a “switch” pipeline block would be very useful. That would make this configuration even easier, and will likely be added by the next beta.