Are 'Configured Alarms' viewable in XML/JSON Tag Export?

Hi All:

We are just wondering if it is possible to see whether an alarm is configured for a tag in the XML/JSON Tag Export. As shown in the first attached screenshot, I can see that there is ‘1 configured alarm’ on this tag, however, in the JSON export, the following is all I see for the ‘Status’ point.

Is there something I am missing? Or is it just not possible to view configured alarms through XML/JSON Export?

Our goal here is to generate a list of all configured alarms in the Tag Database.

Many Thanks!

Both XML and JSON tag exports show configured alarms for me:


What version are you on?

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Thanks for the reply back! It looks like I can see the “alarms” JSON property on anything thats not a user data type. I.e for booleans this works fine, but not anything custom.

I am wondering if there’s another way to generate a list of all alarms besides tag export? I am on version 8.0.12