Are GatewayHooks and DriverHooks required to add nodes to Configuration Tab Sidebar?

I am currently working on a simple device driver module and have run into an issue with adding pages to the side bar on the configuration tab of the gateway.

I have added in code similar to how I have done this in a gateway hook in a none driver context. I had noticed that the AbstractModuleDriverHook is an extension of the AbstractGateway hook so I had hoped that I could create nodes on the sidebar the same way, but when I go to install my module it doesn’t appear to be the case.

If I want to add nodes on the configuration tab, do I need to create a gateway hook in addition to a driver hook?


No extra hook required. Just override getConfigPanels() as usual.

I did do that, but upon review I forgot to override @getConfigCategories to add the Category I was trying to add to.

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Ok. For drivers, I like to put my config entry in the existing OPC category.