Are invalid alarm notification pipelines defined in tags displayed as errors anywhere?

I've intentionally added a bogus prefix to some tag alarm notification profile names on some select tags that a site doesn't want paged out temporarily. When I tested it, the alarms didn't page out, but I also didn't see any errors produced in the logs which I was expecting to see. Wanted to see what the go is here?

Why use a prefix in front of the pipeline name? Why not just disable the alarm pipeline in the Pipeline Block Editor? If you disable it there, you get a warning saying that it's disabled:

Do you mean inside of the alarm pipeline definition itself? If so, I have a number of other alarms that also use this pipeline that I want to keep paging alarms out, it's only a select few that they want temporarily disabled. The reason I renamed with a prefix was so that I had something to find/replace when I need to re-enable paging for them again.

Ah, I see what you mean now, I misunderstood your original post.

If you set the Notification.PipelineManager logger to DEBUG, you can see this in the logs: