Are memory tags persistent?

Pretty much as the title says, I want to know if memory tags are persistent, do they retain their values when the machine running the gateway resets, or are these values all cleared?

If not, would the best way to implement something like that be to write the values into a SQL table?

Yes, they are persistent. I’m not sure what the timing tolerances are. That is, if the gateway abruptly dies x seconds after writing a memory tag, what are the chances of losing that last write?

Also, there are potential issues with very large documents or dataset memory tags not fitting in the internal database. Or were. What version are you working with?

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Currently running version 8.1.

I essentially want to know if I set a bit if that bit will still remain set after the gateway crashes, very good to know! Couldn’t find much information about it, and I would have liked to know before building the code.

Thank you

I would like to know as well, the persistence of memory tag. I keep project configuration (dataset) in this tag. that remains constant.

Restart your gateway. If the dataset content is still there, it wasn't too large. :man_shrugging: