Are OPC Tags for a Disabled Device Stored on the Gateway?

How are OPC tags stored on the Gateway?

For example, if I add a device in order to setup tag binding for a new device, enable it and disable the old device, and then switch back to the old device (and tags) by disabling the new device and re-enabling the old device, would I be able to browse the (bad quality) tags of the new, disabled device from my project to continue working on binding the new tags.

This is piggybacking off a previous question of mine: Project Memory/Tag Structure With Duplicate Device IP



If you’ve brought in tags from the OPC browser into the Tag Browser, you’ve created tags in Ignition - no matter what happens to the device, those tags will still be there. If you are talking about browsed/discovered OPC tags, those will not be available if the device is not connected - while some drivers do “cache” browse results, they won’t use that cache if the device is disconnected or disabled.

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Perfect, yes I meant bring them in through the Tag Browser within the project. I just wanted to make sure I can work “offline” when I inevitably have to roll it back because I have run out of time to commission the new HMI. Thanks!

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–Follow Up–

When I did what I described, these errors/warnings accumulated in the console logs and appeared to tax the CPU:

Using the original device (which I basically duplicated and disabled) resolved the issue but what does this mean?