Are slope charts complicated/possible in Perspective?

Are slope charts not too bad to make?
How can I make one?
Is there a good alternative?


I think I want to track OEE, Machine across months and days instead of just year.

I had never heard of a slope chart before, but it looks like the thing that would make it easy to see the performance changes.

Right now, I have 60 day bar charts of the machines that are organized so you can kind of scroll through them, and sort of go back-forth till you kind of get what this slope chart would relay more succinctly.

I could see getting this done in Vison, though it would be very Java Intensive, and very far from trivial. I am not sure if JFree has an axis type for this type of cart or not.

As far as perspective goes, I don't think there is any way to make the current charting options work for this. You would need to get pretty deep into AmCharts to even know if it is possible. A very quick search yielded nothing for me.

You could build a custom module to add a chart component to make this possible, though again, very far from trivial.

I would think that a Multi-series Bar chart would be the standard way to show data like this, and that is definitely possible in Vision and Perspective.

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What about these kinds of maps for graphical inventories?