Are the docs down?

Are the documentation pages responding to anyone else? Can’t seem to access the documentation at the moment.
The Inductive Automation homepage works for me but not

Does anyone else have this issue at the moment?


It doesn’t work for me aswell, so I think the docs are down

Confluence has a major security vulnerability (which I believe Ignition docs uses) where the recommended action right now is to disable Confluence services. Atlassian is working on the fix as their highest priority.

Yeah, we yanked it last night. I’ll see if we can get one of the offline copies uploaded somewhere when people are online later.


I happened to pull a copy down on May 12… Conveniently, there was metadata in there that showed me where it came from. :smiley:

Below is the S3 link for a PDF export of the Ignition 8.1 user manual. I believe it is periodically generated, so this should be the latest export at time of download.

Below is an S3 link for a zipped HTML export of the Ignition 7.9.0 user manual (this one is from 2017, so might not be the best resource):


4519 PAGES!!! HOLY FUDGE THAT’S A BIG PDF!!! (just shy of 700MB in terms of file size)

Well, there’s a lot to know about the zillion ways you can do anything with Ignition.


I’d add, trying to cram webpages into the format on the PDF may have inflated things a bit. But yeah, there’s a lot of content we maintain.

Thanks kcollins1. That was a life saver. And thanks Paul.Scott and other IA Staff for making the pdf available. That must be a nightmare.

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It looks like Atlassian dropped a fix. We’re taking a look.

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The docs site is back online


The docs site already works. I successfully took a few documents.

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@Jenifer_Smith yes indeed, that’s what Paul said already…

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Welcome @Jenifer_Smith !

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