Are there general script searches, or message handler searches available?

I am looking for a search tool that finds keywords in any script written, for a project. There seems to be no way (or at least I have not found it) to search for keywords or referenced/linked dependencies like traditional development IDEs provide.

You can imagine that quickly within a project, broad changes will want to be made during refactoring or enhancement efforts, and being able to understand the scope of those changes is pretty important.

If this is not currently available, does anyone know when better visibility and search-ability concerning scripting will be provided?

In the Top Menu, select Edit, then Find/Replace. If you are using Perspective, make sure you pay attention to the “Views” area, as it defaults to only searching open Views, and scripts within a Perspective View would belong to the View and therefore not show up in “Scripting”.

Admittedly, I got a little confused when I saw your answer, and used the actual menu path (Edit -> Find/Replace), versus the CTRL+F in the Scripting/Project Library pages. However, now being able to sit down and figure out why the heck I would have missed something so obvious, I see what confused me.

Because I had been only using CTRL+F in the Scripting, it brings up a find text search (only searching within the active window). But, when using the menu path, it brings up the ‘Find/Replace’ window (which references using CTRL+F). I suppose I never tried the search while in a window outside of a ‘Scripting’ window.

Unfortunately, the more robust Find/Replace window does not seem to search within the Scripting folder structure (looks to be referring to the older project/share path). I have tried a few different search types, but no go. So other than message handler searches, which are found in the Find/Replace window, I am still looking for a way to search through the script library (or better, everything at once).

Thank you for your help.

This is a bug that’s fixed in 8.0.2 - you can either try a nightly, or wait a week or two for the full release to be out - RC should hopefully be today.

Excellent news. I will get that installed as soon as I can. Thank you.

Upgraded to 8.0.2 RC, the search feature seems to work as expected. Thank you!


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