Areawise Alarm counters and "New Alarm" Popup - Urgent

I am using Ignition Version 7.7.5.

  1. I would like to have “areawise Alarm counters” filtered by “Display path” or “Notes”.

Typically i would like to use the “Alarm Count Label” template to display areawise alarm counts. Unfortunately, the “Template parameters” doesn’t have any filter by “Display path” or “Notes”.

  1. I would like to trigger a “Current alarms Popup” window upon any “New Alarm”. I am using the “Alarm Status Table” on a popup window.

My client is waiting for the presentation. This is bit urgent. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

I am still waiting for some help on this. I am really stuck on this issue. Not sure how to move on without this functionality. Thanks.

For popping up a window when a new alarm comes in, you could add a new internal property to the template (oldCount perhaps) and put the following, UNTESTED, code in the property change event of the template:

if event.propertyName == "count": if event.source.count > event.source.oldCount: if "Alarms/Alarm Status" not in system.gui.getOpenedWindowNames(): system.nav.openWindow("Alarms/Alarm Status") event.source.oldCount = event.source.count else: event.source.oldCount = event.source.count

I think this should work… but I have not tested it. I’m not sure what your alarm window name is, but replace the “Alarms/Alarm Status” path with whatever your alarm pop up page path is.

As far as the filtering goes, you could easily add a new parameter to the template for Display path or notes and add that into the property binding on the “Count” template property to actually filter. I think you would pass in a * to the display path to return all alarms.