Array of Data Type

I have defined a data type and would like to instantiate it as an array. How can I do this? I don’t want a folder with 100 individual copies of the tag if I can help it.

Is this possible either as an array tag or bring the data type into a script and instantiate it inside a Jython script?



Hi JoeJansen,

You probably would need a “global storage”

See this post.

The idea is by having a global instance of a class (in your case: an array of a data type), you can call it anywhere you want.

nmudge at one point of time created GStore to accommodate this, but got rid of it because the idea can be duplicated in the Python library modules. Yet, you still can learn from the reasoning he puts in his link on how to create the “GStore” in your Python library module.

Hope it will help

Support for tag array types has been completed and will be in v7.8. Haven’t seen precisely how it’ll work, though.