Array of UDT inside another UDT

Hello Everyone,
I know this might be very easy for some of you. How do I create array of UDT inside another UDT? I am able to use UDT inside UDT but not able to create array.

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Arrays of UDT aren’t a supported tag type, whether embedded inside another UDT or at the top level.

Thank you Kevin. I appreciate your quick response.

I had actually same question as Urvish_Mehta.
Array of UDTs can be very useful in some cases. Is it on the roadmap?

No it’s not on any road map, though I do agree that it could useful in general.

You can make a feature request here:

@petr.sasin @Kevin.Herron

Please vote if you think this can make tagging easier,
Array of UDT Inside tag