Array Tag Siemens

Good afternoon,
Is it possible to implemented an OPC array tag with Siemens S7-1500???

Thank you

With an OPC UA connection to the built in OPC UA server that is available on the S7-1500, yes.

With the Ignition OPC UA server, using the S7 driver to connect, no.

I connect Ignition with an OPC UA Server in a s7-1200 CPU Siemens.
I imported from UA Server a float array but value of this array is null.
See image in attach.


Arrays in the S7-1200 seem to be broken. This thread found the same thing, even when using UaExpert.

The S7-1200 and S7-1500 have entirely independent OPC UA implementations and limitations.

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@Kevin.Herron thanks for the quick responses.

I think I finally got it working.

Using the S7-1200 I was able to read the whole array, but the firmware version of the PLC must be > 4.5, and TIA Portal > V16.

I will do more tests and if anything comes up, I will let you know in this post.

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