Arrays in PLC must be editable in Ignition table component

Collection of 1D arrays in a PLC (AB ControlLogix). Need ability to view & EDIT those arrays in Ignition.

Using a block transaction group to copy the PLC arrays into a single database table, with each column in the database table populated by one of the 1D arrays. Seems to work well.

Built a named query that can pull the database table into Ignition…“select * from table” sort of thing.
On a Vision window, a “table” component has it’s “Data” property bound to the named query.
Seems to work well, displaying the table (with all the 1D arrays) in the “table” component.

But, of course, with the named query set to “select type”, Ignition cannot EDIT the arrays in the database table. And, without knowing what element in the “table” the user may decide to change, it’s tough to know what “update” query should replace the “select” query.

Am I doing this all wrong???
Is there a better way so that users can edit any cell in a “table” component and have those changes magically appear in a corresponding database table?
Basically, I want the “table” component to be directly tied to a database table, with bidirectional updates.

You have to script the updates back to the table. I generally prefer to track a “dirty” state for each row, and use a "Save’ button to send the updates.

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