Arrow tab overlap report buttons


Right now, I think I have to add a spacer on the right or a footer on the bottom so I can scroll down more.
Has anyone got a clever solution for this that I am missing other than spacing the bottom or side?

what do you want to do with it?
move the icon?

I want to be able to click those buttons.
Right now, the overlap is in the way.

I wondered if there was a way to remove that from the page easily, or if someone who had a similar thing happen could share how they resolved it.

I am not overly familiar with Perspective. Just started working with it a couple months ago.

you wish to remove the app bar maximize icon?


I want to remove that up arrow that shows reveals information that the user doesn’t need at the bottom.

In the session properties (found on this button)
All the way to the bottom right there is “appBar”
One of the options is hidden.

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thanks very much