AS400 Database Connection

Hi All,

I need some help setting up a connection to an AS400 in Ignition.
I’ve read this post IBM AS400 Database connection but I still can’t get a valid connection :frowning:
In order to have a connection:
Do I have to create a new Database Drivers (Setting - Drivers - Database Drivers & Settings) or the IBM DB2 Driver would be ok?

Try this link from IA knowledge base. I used this a while back and it worked for me.

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Well, this is helpful! A lot! :+1:
But still can’t get a connection, can someone explain to me how the connection URL should be done?
jdbc:as400 this part is standard and I get it.
//IPorHOSTNAME/Schema this part?

This is how mine is setup. Our IT department did this part, so I can’t advise you any more than that.

Watch out, a DB is only considered “connected” by Ignition when the validation query returns a result. Did you set it to select 1 from sysibm.sysdummy1 as described in the article? A simple SELECT 1 won’t work for DB2.

This is how I have my connection configured, so yes it is needed.

Yes, I have done everything as the article says.
The only thing that concern me is the URL connection…

Do you know what iseries,cfc,local mean?
Are they 3 separated fields or just one?

Found it! :confetti_ball::tada:
I’m so dumb! IPorHOSTNAME is IP or HOSTNAME!
and if you want a specific library you have to add libraries=YourLibrary to the Extra Connection Properties
I got a valid connection! Thanks to all!