Asociated data any_properties not working properly

I am using associated data called group to create an active alarm tag to show if any tags in a specific group of tags has alarm and if they are all acknowledged or not. I can get the script to work but it is only looking at the numerical value for the associated data called group.

For example

I have tags with a group of 40A and tags with a group of 40B

If i use that in the example scripting for associated data and look for 40A it will show a tag for 40B which has an alarm active. I can search for 40_A and get the same.

Is there a problem with texts as the group versus just numbers.

As you can see in the pictures i am getting the same return tag that has a group of 40B when searching for any_properties Group = 40A or 40B.

Need to figure this out please or see if it is a bug

Using version 8.1.23

What happens if you put an ‘_’ at the front of the actual group names?

That seems to fix the issue and will work but is not ideal.

I believe that this has to do with the fact that identifiers in Java and Python (and many other languages) shouldn’t/can’t start with a number.

Okay. Thank you. I guess I will have to live with it.

Hmmm. Sounds like a common problem, where people name things in their architecture that will be used like identifiers, but fail to follow common rules for identifiers (start with letter or underscore, include only letters, underscores, and digits). It may "technically" be a bug, but it isn't a surprise.

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