Assign id (div id="") to perspective flexbox component for navigation purpose

I am trying to add a button that will scroll down the page to the location of more pertinent info. In standard web development this would be done with an anchor link. eg

the main focus is the # in the url

As Perspective produces html pages, it should be possible to have the id be set for a component or container so it can be called this way.

If not, a method to scroll the screen down on click would be useful as well
Thank you

Go to the Meta properties in the Perspective Property Editor, click Add Meta Property → Properties → domId.


I don’t have Properites > domId

I am running v8.1.1 of the ignition platform, with perspective module 2.1.1 if that helps

Will just adding it as a value work?

Yes, you can add it yourself. Just name the property domId.

Thank you for your help, that works!

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I want to add id to call in style.css, how do I do that?

Add the domId as detailed above, and then if you want to use it in the advanced stylesheet, you can add #<your-domId-name> along with other CSS selectors to style it.

So, for example, if you called domId as specialTable, then you'd use it like this:

#specialTable <other_selectors_here> {
    color: blue;

If that doesn't answer your question, please include more information/details in future posts to get a better answer!