Assigning integer values in an expression


I made a custom property in my root container. To simplify I want to change the value of the custom property to either 1 or 2:

({tag1} = 1) = 1
({tag2} = 1) = 2

This is how I wrote it, but it doesn’t like it. Throws errors no matter what I try to change the syntax

What am I doing wrong? It’s probably something simple but has evaded me for days.

({LS2/Alarms/HLF_ALM} || {LS2/Alarms/PWR_ALM} || {LS2/Alarms/LSH_ALM} || {LS2/Alarms/LSL_ALM} || {LS2/Alarms/LSS_ALM} || {LS2/Alarms/P1_FAIL} || {LS2/Alarms/P2_FAIL} || {LS2/Alarms/PHS_ALM} || {LS2/Alarms/PWR_ALM} = 1) = 1
{LS2/Alarms/P2_FAIL.AlarmActiveAckCount} > 0 = 2

This is really how I wrote it. It accepts the first string of confundity but as soon as I throw in that last line it has a fit.

I tried this too and it didn’t work.

if ({LS2/Alarms/P2_FAIL.AlarmActiveUnackCount}, 1,
if ({LS2/Alarms/P2_FAIL.AlarmActiveAckCount}, 2, 0))

I got it!!! Nested if statement!