Associated Data Question

I am working on some new ALARM functionality and was hoping to use some group fuctions like associated data.

I put most of my jam alarms under my "WCS Jam Tracking" folder and now I want to use associated data to segregate by area in the plant.

When I created my first area for the "EC" area it also appled the area to the other tags as well. I was under the impression that Associated Data would disregard the base folder but it applies it to all.

Any ideas?


Associated data is basically a custom property that lives on an alarm. It should get whatever value you put in it for an individual alarm configuration which will be unique per alarm.

It's possible to define these on UDTs also to keep them named the same on similar objects.

You should be able to edit a tag and change the value in your associated data property and not have it update the value in other tags.

Steve thank you for the reply.

That is how I understand that assicoated data should work as well.

Maybe I am doing something wrong but when i create a group it applies this to every alarm in that root folder.

Example, I created the associated data in the Empty Case Jams folder but it also applied it to the Late Sort Data alarm.

If I overwrite the data on Late Sort Data it will apply it to all the alarms.

Anyone able to add some insight?