Atcom IP01

I found an article in the knowledge base on how to set it up, but it appears that the IP01 I got has a newer version of firmware, V1.4.0 and for some reason it doesn’t have a way to add Analog Trunks. And the manual for the IP01 also shows the older version of firmware :/

Has anyone set up Atcom IP01 with Ignition?

Ahh haa…my IP01 doesn’t have an FXO module. :unamused:


Yeah, you won’t get far without a FXO port, but in regards to the different version of the software, we’ve seen that. We have a few boxes here, but they all have the old one (which actually, I prefer). However, the thing is, it’s just the UI that’s different, both boxes are running Asterisk 1.4.0 I believe. Anyhow, I’ll have to track down how to update ours so that I can write another version of the guide (doing the “firmware update” from Atcom’s site isn’t enough, it doesn’t actually change the UI)

However, based on customer experience, I can offer this one tip: When setting up the dial pattern, the new UI will automatically add the “_” in front. So instead of “_NXXNXXXXXX”, which would be a valid pattern in the old box, you would just put “NXXNXXXXXX”.


Hi Pat, Colby,

We have set up the Atcom with the new firmware to work with the Ignition. Just Yesterday.

Colby a note here:
We are able to make it work with Ignition 7.6.0 (Windows Vista)
With 7.6.1 the issue we face is that the call will go out but either their will be no voice on the other end or the receiver receives one bell and then thats it. (Windows XP)

Pat we will be glad to share the process with you and show you the settings we have used.
One thing that we noticed is that you need to have atleast one IP phone configured and connected to the Atcom.

Feel free to reach out to me at via email or on skype at rshahid3.

If I can me of assistance.

Best Regards

I was able to get the Atcom IP01 working.

Set-up was pretty easy, create an Extension, create Outbound Route and assign the Extension and FXO Trunk to that Outbound Route. The dial pattern I used is “N.”

Figuring out why it wasn’t working was the pain. I purchased an IP phone (RCA IP110s) and set-up the phone to work with the Atcom and was making and receiving calls at home. When I took the set-up to the customer’s site it wouldn’t work. When I tried placing a call with the IP phone the phone company would respond with “You must dial a 0 and the area code to place a call”. I tried a bunch of different settings thinking it had something to do with the signals the Atcom was sending out on the phone line. I also thought that maybe the Atcom was dialing before the line connection had been established causing the phone company to get the wrong number, so I tried placing a call with an extra digit in front of the phone number and the call went out! Seems I was luck in the digit I picked because trying a different digit in front of the number didn’t work. So I ended up setting the Atcom to use a prepend digit of 5 and the calls are working. I have no idea why this is, but it’s working.

Hi Pat,

I think I remember reading something about how the analog card can try to send digits too quickly, and a delay sometimes need to be inserted. The only way I know how to do that is by manually editing the asterisk config file (I can post an example in a bit, I have to run to a meeting now). Sounds like the extra digit might have been introducing the delay for you naturally. : For 7.6.0 vs. 7.6.1, you’ll need to make sure to manually upgrade the voice modules as well. There was a version change on the dlls, and so the voice won’t work if you just upgrade Ignition.


Ok, so I’m not sure how specific I can get due to potential variations in how the different GUIs handle the management of extensions.conf, but maybe this will give you something more to play with if you run into additional problems. Basically, the character “w” adds a short delay in call. In my notes, with one of the boxes we were testing, we had manually edited “extension.conf” (the asterisk dial plan), and changed the Dial(…) function to be “Dial(Zap/g2/ww${EXTEN:1})”. THIS ISN’T CORRECT for the atcom boxes (because it doesn’t use the “zap” driver), but at least shows you where it goes.

Since it is right before the extension, you might be able to actually use it through the UI. You should be able to put in “ww” in the “prepend these digits” field for the call rule (my version of the UI allows it). This would put a small delay before dialing the extension, which should prevent the “you must dial 0…” message.