Atcom IP02 Firmware V4 setup with Voice Notification module

Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the best place for this but here goes.

I’ve purchased an Atcom IP02 module as well as an AX210XS chip which will convert one port to FXO in an attempt to get the Voice Notification module to call out alarms on an analog phone line.

My issue is that when I follow the guide linked below, many things don’t apply(firmware for the atcom box has been updated to V4 and is different).

Following this guide, everything makes sense until I try to add the VOIP user and dial plan. There are no options for this on V4 firmware. This is where everything that seems quite straight forward in the guide becomes difficult.

I have tried to add a VOIP user and adjust SIP settings where they seem to somewhat match the old firmware to get this thing working. The best guess I can make is that I need to figure out how to have ignition authenticate as a SIP user and have the atcom box forward to the analog trunk but I’m not 100% on how to get the job done.

Is there an updated guide for V4 firmware? I am hesitant to try to track down older firmware and flash it since I have noticed a lot of users on various forums mentioning they have bricked the IP02 attempting this.

The voice notification module on the gateway lists that it is registered with the voip host, however I am unable to dial out when I attempt to test the alarm pipeline.

I have SSH’ed into the IP02 and turned on verbose debug mode. It says the following when I attempt to call out from the gateway:

[2017-01-04 09:12:13] NOTICE[434]: chan_sip.c:22263 handle_request_invite: Failed to authenticate device <sip:5613@>;tag=RcjymP4V

Has anyone had any luck bridging the gap with V4 firmware and the Voice Notification module? Should I bite the bullet and purchase a GrandStream HT-503 in place of the Atcom? I would prefer to not spend more on this if it’s unnecessary.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Have you got this working yet? Looking at the version 4 user manual, it seems most of the concepts are still there. Take a look at page 33- do you have the FXO “analog trunk”?

If so, I think you just need to:

  1. Add a new extension. This will be the username/password as used by Ignition to register. In other words, your username might be something like 6000, and the password can be whatever. If Ignition says it’s “registered”, this part should be good (*Note: Ignition will always say “registered” if the username/password are both blank. This is for systems that don’t support authentication/registration at all)

  2. Create an outbound route as described on page 34. I’m not sure what the “password” on this page is for, I would start by leaving it blank.

Select the exention you created for the “selected extension”, and select the fxo trunk. Set up the dial pattern as suggested in the other manual, something like “_1NXXNXXXXXX”

And I think that’s all that should be required. If it still doesn’t work, try going to Console>levels (pre-7.9) or to Status>Logs (7.9) and look for the logger that ends in “Agent”, and turn it to Debug. That will log all of the SIP commands, and maybe we can get more info as to what’s going on.