Attaching generated list to a data table for a pop up window

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Application: I have accumulation section with 24 beds and there's individual PE's for each section. I want to create a pop up window with all the PE's listed in table to show where exactly the jam is using the following script.

step 1: I have multiple tags that I'm reading form a folder for an accumulation zone with 24 tags. so naturally built a tagpath list to read from.
step 2: read all the tags and used list comprehension to generate another list to store values that i read.
****part I'm currently cant get past is step 3
step 3: tag_value_list is what I'm trying to attach to a data table. and where should I apply this script on. possibilities i have considered so far (button action performed, project scripts).

acc_number = 12093701
bed_number = 24
end_acc_number = acc_number + bed_number
x = [item for item in list(range(acc_number, end_acc_number))]

#tag_base_path = "JAM_PHOTOEYES/12093730/1209370"
tag_base_path = "JAM_PHOTOEYES/12093730/"
tag_paths = [ ]
# These two for loops iterate over a range and generate tag paths for us to read from
for i in x:
    tag_path = tag_base_path + str(i)+"/AFE_Recirc_Pecblockage"

# this line reads all the tags at the path we specified
tag_values = system.tag.readAll(tag_paths)
#this list comprehension allows us to wrap all the values read in a list for us
tag_value_list = [tag.value for tag in tag_values]

# new to convert list into a dataset and bind data property of the table to this dataset tag

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Thank you for your suggestion!!

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So, you need to use the system.dataset.toDataSet function to convert from lists to a dataset. Note that it needs a list of lists, where the inner list represents the row.

(Lots of examples scattered over the forum.)

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so according to the manual parameters/arguments this function calls for is (header, rows). However, when I do so it gives me error showed in the pictures.
PecblockageDataset = system.dataset.toDataSet("value",tag_value_list)

In your code, tag_value_list is not a list of lists (yet). Consider something like this for rows:

[[x] for x in tag_value_list]

Thank you!. Now that I have a dataset to work with. can you guide me through the last process/question i had for this problem. where should i apply to script to? action performed on the button? and how can I link to data table in my pop window?

From a script, you would assign the dataset to a component's data property. Or to a property that fed a binding to the actual display property. Or provide the dataset to a popup window via parameters, using a dataset custom property in the popup's root container. (Or view parameter, in Perspective)