AttributeError: 'array.array' object has no attribute 'getRowCount'


I am working on a pop-up. When I click ‘Submit Sign Off’ button, then an action event handler is performed. Click ‘Submit Sign Off’ button returns with the error AttributeError: ‘array.array’ object has no attribute ‘getRowCount’. Below is the snippet of the popup and the error.

If you look at the pop-up, there is a table with ‘Time’, ‘Incident Time’ that is being passed from another window which is binded to dataset “devicesComment”. As you can see this works as the table popuplates and has 1 row. I don’t understand why I am getting error on getRowCount function line. Your help is highly appreciated.

I think you mean to use event.source.parent.getComponent(‘devicesComment’) on line 18, as I understand your comment the table component itself is called ‘devicescomment’. If instead you meant the data for that table is bound to a property called devicescomment, then instead on line 19 take out the ‘.data’ part so its just COMMENT.getRowCount().

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Thank you for your response. Actually that dataset is in the root container of this window which I bonded to the table just to confirm that the data is being passed from another vision window. I will try your method and get back to you.


I think part of the confusion is that Ignition’s basic implementation of datasets have a getData() method, which is automatically treated as a “data” property thanks to jython’s NetBeans treatment of getters and setters. The “data” property of a dataset yields a generic two-dimensional array of the underlying data. The “data” property of a table component yields a dataset. That pattern appears to have been cut and pasted inappropriately.

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Your solution worked! Thank you.

devicecommentsRows = COMMENT.getRowCount()

Thank you for the detailed explanation. Appreciate all your help.