Audio clip problem on ubuntu client audio clip

I have used an audio clip for alarm.
In ubuntu 14.04, it works for a week or so and then i get an error’ cannot generate audio clip’ .
In windows client there is no problem pertaining to audio clip.
I am attaching the log.
error_sound.pdf (28.2 KB)

Hi Viggi,

When grabbing a DataLine for the audio clip, the Java AudioSystem class is throwing the IllegalArgumentException when “the system does not support at least one line matching the specified Line.Info object through any installed mixer.”

I was able to reproduce this exception in the Windows environment where the only playback device was a pair of Bluetooth headphones. With the headphones turned off, but the Bluetooth Audio Renderer still enabled, the exception was thrown. When the headphones were turned on, the exception was no longer thrown. Perhaps something has changed with your device after a week?

I haven’t changed anything on the device. I am not sure if any change has taken place on its own.