Audit Implementation

Im looking forward to getting the “audit” working. I did one of these manualy with another software a number of years ago and it was very painfull and it took forever to do, but it was well recieved.

I have the Audit Profile setup and the table is in the DB, but im not sure how data get into it? Do i have to do a query on every element i want recorded to fill the table? Or should the table automaticly fill itself via ignition somehow?


have you gone into your project properties>general, enabled auditing, and selected the audit profile that you created?

Perfect! That was what i was looking for.

Now all thats missing(as far as I can tell) from this useful audit tool is just a field in the table for the workstation a keypress has come from. For such a widespread-able system you should be able to track not only the user that hit a button but the computer it came from. I guess I should suggest it as an addition as it is crucial, unless you have any ideas?(trying to keep from haveing extra scripitng involved)

Thanks or your help

Logging the IP address of the computer in the audit trail is coming in 7.5

Can you read the “primary” MAC address in an OS independent way? What about computer name? This would be helpful since many users are in a DHCP pool.

Computer name we could do

I think that would work great for computers in a dynamic address (DHCP) scope.