Audit log: action/result documentation

Hello, is there some documentation regarding the various kind of action (and related column values) that are recorded in the audit log? I wish to get a list of all the possible “action” types, with the related description, and for each action the related action target, result code, result etc… with their meaning.
I’m asking for this because I need to make a custom audit trail containing a localized descriptive field of the event, so I need to know all the possible values.

There is no exhaustive list, since any module or code calling into the auditing system can use whatever code it wants to, but this should cover all first-party code as of 8.0.5:
"login", "logout", "tag write", "tag edit", "tag delete", "tag move", "tag rename", "query", "project save", "project publish", "sproc", "report executed", "place call", "Send SMS", "acknowledged", "ignored"