Audit Log - Additional Fields in Gateway Audit Log View

I am trying to track down a difference between the way the Gateway Audit Log is presented in three instances at a customer. All three Ignition installs are 8.1.7.

The Audit Log settings all appear to be the same. However, when viewing the log in the Gateway, one instance includes Timestamp, Actor, Host, Action, Target, Value, Result, System. The other two only show Timestamp, Actor, Host, Action, Target, Value.

Where is this configured?


Every DB audit profile has these columns, and these are the only columns Ignition itself will write into.
However, you can freely add columns to this table, and populate them with triggers. Ignition won’t add data to those additional columns, but that may be what’s happening in this case?

Thank you for the response. The data structure is the same. It looks like a presentation issue. Before running a search, all columns are shown. After I run the search, I only see Timestamp, Actor, Host Action,Target, and Value. Can this be adjusted in the Gateway?

Posting this facepalm moment only to close the topic out. Resolved the issue by locating the horizontal scroll bars at the bottom of the table and using them to navigate to our “missing” fields… :roll_eyes:

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