Audit Log Help, Where is it?

I can not find any list of what the audit log codes mean (I am looking in the Factory PMI project audit table). Such as the ACTION_TYPEs “OT” and “LS”. Please direct me to it. Thanks,

Charles Zipper

Hmm, good question. This should certainly be in the user manual, thanks for pointing that out. In the meantime, here is the list:

Audit Action Codes
[li]LS Login Successful[/li]
[li]LR Login Rejected[/li]
[li]LO Logout[/li]
[li]DL Designer Load Project[/li]
[li]DS Designer Save Project[/li]
[li]UD Update Query[/li]
[li]OT Other Query[/li]
[li]TW Tag Write[/li][/ul]

Audit Session Codes
[li]DT Designer[/li]
[li]RT Client[/li]
[li]NE None[/li][/ul]