Audit Log - not recording tag writes from some scripts

Ignition 8.1.18 adds the feature of recording tag writes by Perspective scripts but it is only doing it for “system.tag.writeBlocking” but not for “system.tag.write” ( ← this is a typo, I meant “system.tag.writeAsync”, second half of @PGriffith 's answer has some valuable insight). Manual mentions “not limited to” but my testing shows otherwise. I am using 8.1.20.
On the other hand, both will be recorded when used in Vision! Why the difference? (at least as per manual, haven’t tested it for Vision)



The simplest answer is probably correct: system.tag.write is officially deprecated, so we didn’t expect anyone to be using it in a new Perspective project, and so it was missed by our testing effort.

For some background as to why:
In Vision, all tag writes have to go through a coordinated system to get to the ‘backend’.
In Perspective, scripts are executing directly on the gateway, so they can directly reach the tag system. Auditing happens at the script function, not the tag system level, for some complicated internal reasons.


oops I have a typo in my msg, I meant “but not for system.tag.writeAsync”, sorry about the confusion. Does this change your answer? Is system.tag.writeAsync supposed to be recorded in audit log?

That is certainly the intention, yes. Can you get in contact with support so they can take a look at your system and see if there’s anything else going on that might explain the discrepancy?

Will do, thanks

Update: after chatting with tech support, we noticed this issue occurs only with OPC tags and not with memory tags, i.e. audit log records writes from either tag write scripts (system.tag.writeBlocking and system.tag.writeAsync) ONLY when it is a memory tag. If it happens to be an OPC tag then audit tag only records writes by system.tag.writeBlocking.
Will keep updating this post…

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