Audit Log Profile issue with too much data, remove some tags from logging


I have setup an audit profile, and enabled audit logging in the project, my only issue is we have some analog variables that are being logged about 10times a second due to changing values.
I would just like a way to disable logging for some of these 'nuisance' variables, or a way to limit their logging.
Ideally all we really want to log is when a user changes a variable from the SCADA interface.
If there is a way to do this, could someone please direct me to where I can read up on it?


What version of Ignition are you running?


Using version 7.9.10

Interesting.. Are the analog values in question being written from logic within the Vision project itself? Or are they simply values being read in from a PLC?

EDIT: I can imagine some situations where certain binding configurations might be trying to propagate writes back out to a tag and might end up in the audit profile.. In this case you might just need to adjust/correct things.. Normally the audit profile will capture just what you're wanting it to--values written/changed from a Vision client session.

The value is calculated in ignition from a table and then sent back to the PLC. Is there a way to stop logging of this tag?
Yeah it is writing to a tag in the PLC.

You mean a table in a user interface? If so, no, you can't stop it. That's exactly what it is supposed to capture.

Such continuous process tasks should be in a gateway timer event or other place independent of the UI. Clients do crash and/or get turned off, after all. Moving the process logic would make your system more robust and also get rid of the nuisance audit logs.

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