Audit profile data stopped updating

We have a site we commissioned in May and at that time the audit profile was working just fine.

Without any change settings, the audit data has stopped updating on July 30.

For troubleshooting I have created a new profile with the same database → No good.

I set-up a new profile that records to internal SQL lite → that worked

So I’m wondering what could have made the original profile stopped recording, a problem with the MS SQL DB table, or a potential bug…



SQL Server Express? If so then yes there’s a limit to the amount of data it’ll store. Looks like the DB size is limited to 10GB, per their docs

If that’s not it, then might be worth checking the logs (on both Ignition and SQL Server). Based on your observation with the SQLite DB, it might be something on the SQL server side. Although it’s hard to say anything definitive at this point.

@Paul.Scott we looked at the logs and it seems there is an issue as follows:

java.lang.RuntimeException: The transaction log for database ‘Ignition_Data’ is full due to ‘LOG_BACKUP’.

To me this looks like something we have to sort out on the DB side, just confirming there is nothing we can do from Ignition side, correct?

Also confirming that all out databases are MS SQL.


@nicholas.robinson, you do have some work on the DB side here–nothing else can be done from within Ignition. Keep in mind that with SQL Server, if your databases are in Full Recovery Mode (default), deleting records will not necessarily free space within the database. If you’ve not got a proper backup routine established (which will be truncating the transaction log), things will continue to grow and grow.

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