Auditing table target name correspondence

I have auditing table in designer which is filled by system auditing function.
There is column with tag pathes (Action Target).
For example I have tagpathes:

RVP01 object name is MyPumpingStation.
Is it possible to somehow display, that this tagpath is from object MyPumpingStation?

Also I have other tag pathes like RVP02, RVP03 and so on.
Is it possible to add column to auditing table which will be filled corresponding to tagpathes with actual objects names?

You can add any information you want to the audit log table, but you’ll need to take care of inserting the values yourself.

For example, on a button that is bound to a tag value. The binding will cause the audit log to store the tag path that was written to automatically, but you’ll need to go in and add an event handler on that same button that writes the actual device name into your new column in the audit log table.

Alternatively, if you have your SQLTags stored in an external database it may be possible to join the two tables together on tag path so you can see the tag name in your result set.

Hope that helps. Cheers.

Thanks Michael.

With string manipulations now I can at least display actual device name with label on top of page corresponding to selected row in audit table.