Auth Challenge Only Works in Firefox

Setting up an auth challenge in Perspective and running into some odd behavior.

The code works fine in Firefox, but doesn't work in Chrome, Edge, or Safari. Setting up a "blast all sessions" setup without using the session ID also had the same behavior.

In the all sessions mode you can run it in Firefox and have all the browsers see it, or run it in Chrome, Edge, or Safari and all of the other sessions would update, but not the one you ran it in.

Are there special considerations to be made for Chrome/Edge/Safari compared to Firefox, or is there a different method to handle this?

Calling the message handler outside of the authentication challenge using either a tag change script to call it from the gateway or replacing the code on the button with the code from the auth challenge scropt also works in all browsers, so it appears there is something odd going on with Chrome/Safari/Edge internally when using the Auth Challenge.

Code on a Perspective Button to call the auth challenge:
Screen Shot 2024-07-10 at 8.06.28 PM

Auth Challenge code to call a message handler from the gateway:
Screen Shot 2024-07-10 at 8.06.42 PM

Session Event Message handler called by the auth challenge:

Finally the message handler on the root container of the view:
Screen Shot 2024-07-10 at 8.07.07 PM

This definitely isn't intentional.
Could be a timing issue with redirects?
Are you getting all the expected logging output from your scripts?
Any errors in the browser console?
Does it behave the same in an incognito session of the various web browsers involved, especially with no extensions running?

Nothing in the console, same in incognito mode, and the logging shows up from the session event handler being called, but it seems like it stops there in Chrome/Safari/Edge.

If I write to a tag value or otherwise execute code in the session event handler it works fine, so it is making it to that point in the process, but the system.perspective.sendMessage call fails there in Chrome/Safari/Edge.

It does execute in Chrome/Edge/Safari if I put the same code from the session event message handler into a keystroke session event script so it seems like the break is something related to the auth challenge execution.

Time to open a proper ticket.

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