Auth Identity Provider - Invalid cookie header: "Set-Cookie

I am trying Auth as Identity Provider, Configure everything in Identity provider and in project properties set security to Auth identity provider and perspective permission set to Authenticated.
When I do test login it works fine, but I launch view it gives me a popup with a button "Continue to Login" when I click on the button then view directly loads up without any authentication.
I checked the Logs I get warning of responseprocesscookies and message with Invalid cookies header.

Please tell me if I missed any configuration part.

Can someone guide me

Can you provide your identity provider configuration and copies of the warnings/errors you are currently getting. Are you using this identity provider to also authenticate into your gateway or only perspective sessions?

I had configure for session, this error was getting because after I do the test login the cookies is saved and it was not allowing to asking for reauthentication.
so I did settings to clear the cookies after browser is closed, and when I launch session I asked for Identity provider authentication.

I have created a button to logout from session but button was not clearing the cookies so when I click on login button views get open without authentication.