Authenticate User Credentials but don't login or out in Perspective

I have a use case where I need to have an authorized person (supervisor) OK a step in a QC process (failing or reworking a part an operator has entered data for). What I would like to do is have a popup display (login style view) where the supervisor could enter their credentials (username & password) and then have a script authenticate the supervisor’s creds against the Active Directory User Source.

I see a number of functions that can check if a user has a certain role or security level, but unfortunately everything I have found either queries for the current logged in user or there is no password parameter passed to the function to actually authenticate.

Is there a way to provide for a security popup that takes username and password, then have that information passed to the user source to authenticate the credentials, and only return an “authenticated” status? I could get the rest of what I need as long as I know the entered credentials are good for the supervisor.


BTW, I don’t want to logout the logged in operator as that would require the part’s data to be re-entered before the supervisor could fail the part. Then it would require the operator to log back in to resume processing parts.

Thanks again! :smiley:

I think you could do something with

It has a gateway scope, so if it doesn’t ‘just work’ you could use system.util.sendRequest to force the script to run in the gateway scope and return what you care about.

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Hey zacht,
Thanks for the reply.
I had seen that method but discounted it (unreasonably) when I saw the first version of it having a Vision Scope. Since I’m working in Perspective I simply stopped looking at it when I saw that. Should have kept reading! :smiley:
I do appreciate the help!

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I verified that this does work in Perspective.

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