Authenticating with linux ldap

I am new to ignition, and consequently this is my first post. I have searched through the forum, but I don’t see an answer for what I’m tying to do, so I will ask it here.

I currently have Clear OS v 5.2 as my ldap server. This is a linux installation, but it comes with Samba, which I am using for authentication on Windows clients. This much works for me.

Can I use the Clear OS ldap to provide authentication in ignition?

I’m not a linux guru by any means, but I think it’s possible. Samba 4 is supposed to be able to act as an Active Directory Server. You should then be able to use on of the AD or AD hybrid authentication schemes.

Upgrading to Samba 4 was plan B. I was hoping someone had already done this before I do the upgrade.

Thank you