Authentication and auditing auto-create options


I set an Authentication Profile and an Auditing Profile, but Ignition didn’t create the tables automatically despite of Auto-Create options were selected. Does anybody knows why this happened? maybe i did something wrong. :scratch:

Thanks! :prayer:

For the authentication profile, you must first try to use the profile before Ignition will create the tables for you. In the Gateway configuration page under Security > Authentication you can click Verify an Authentication Profile… to test it out. Ignition will create the tables as soon as you test it.

For the audit profile, you must attach the profile to the project first. You do that in the Ignition designer under Project > Properties in the menu bar. Choose Project > General and you can enable the audit profile and select which one to attach the project to. Once you do that and save the project Ignition will create the tables.

Thank you a lot!