Authentication API

An Authentication API could prove useful … plus give me an excuse to learn Python/Jython :smiley:

EDIT: Whenever I put a smiley at the end of my sentence, it moves it to the beginning … annoying …

You mean an API through which you can provide your own authentication profiles? Or a way to interact with authentication profiles from various points? In the latter case, there are some functions available in the [tt][/tt] package (see the API reference in the user manual).

For the first case, this would likely be covered by the module api that you’ll see discussed in other parts of the forum. Various parts of Ignition are “extension points”, and authentication is one of them. That means any module could provide a new type of authentication profile.

That said, we’re a ways off from any type of module API, python or not.

As for the smilies, it’s definitely annoying. We suspect it has to do with the CSS for the site, but we haven’t gotten around to figuring it out for real yet. We’ll have to get on that soon…


I was referring to the first one you mentioned, providing one’s own authentication profiles. Is the API you’re referring to the one for which you have a form on your web site to be notified of it’s release? I can’t find the page I’m referring to at the moment …

… and I’m sure you have other things to worry about besides misplaced smileys … I understand :smiley:

A scriptable auth profile would be pretty cool - even though you could do the same thing with the module API, auth profiles are nice and self-contained, lending themselves to a simple python implementation especially well.