Authentication broken in 3.1.2

We have a server with 3.1.1 that works and a server with 3.1.2 that doesn’t work. When we use IE across the network to try to open Configuration and any Settings option, it asks for authentication again but doesn’t open the page. This only happens with IE and 3.1.2. With Firefox it works fine. With IE and 3.1.1 it works fine. IE on the local box works fine as well.

When it “doesn’t open the page”, what does it do?

It returns to the Configuration Status page, titled “FactoryPMI Gateway Server Status”.

Now I’m really confused. Isn’t that the page you’re trying to log in to?

From that page, if you try to open Settings, Network, Cluster, Backup/Restore, (Projects) Manage, Launch, (Datasources) Connections, Drivers, Types, (Authentication) Profiles, Types, (Auditing) Profiles, (Plugins) Manage or (Images) Manage, you get another authentication page and if you successfully authenticate again you get put back onto the Status page.

It sounds to me like IE has cookies disabled. The gateway uses a simple cookie to keep track of your session (like most websites), which is what tells you that you’re logged in

It’s in the intranet zone, which has cookies enabled. And it works fine on the 3.1.1 server so why is it different only on the 3.1.2 server?

I honestly have no idea. And why is it working in firefox, but not in IE? Nothing in the FactoryPMI gateway setup page was changed from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 except for some stuff relating to the new AD/Hybrid authentication profile.

Feel free to call us so that we can observe this behavior over GoToMeeting. Also, send us the log file “FPMIService.log.html” from C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\FactoryPMI\logs in case there is something in there. You can send it to