Authentication Profiles and database


In postgresql SGBDR, you can create roles to connect to a database.
I would like to create all of my roles with postgrelsql in order that ignition connect with these roles.
Ignition can authentificate with external database but it uses tables inside the database and not the roles already created for postgresql database connection.

What do you think ?

PS : I’m french.

Can you query the database for the roles? If so, you can use the expert mode of the database authentication where you specify three queries:

  1. Authentication query
  2. Role List Query
  3. User’s Roles Query

Rather than using the table structure Ignition expects.

I forgot to say that i would like Ignition connects to my database with the username/password that was entered at the start of a client.
This a great interest in my opinion (I will explain it if necessary).


That has been requested before, but currently isn't possible. The database connections are currently pooled centrally, so the clients have no affect on them. However, it would be a good security addition, and plays in to a number of improvements that we would like to make, so hopefully we'll add it someday.

For now, the best you can do would be to create a user specifically for Ignition. If you want to go even further, you could create multiple users, and multiple connections to the same database, and then perhaps different projects which used them as the default. For example, you could have a full control project that used a connection with full read/write privileges. Then you could have a separate "guest" project, whose default connection only allowed reading.

Ça ne fait rien, nous aidons tout le monde également. :laughing: (I'm joking, I know why you said that)


For this scenario, we can imagine to have a common windows (or project) with a custom login form and then log with db authentication with some scripting to open further windows or project with retargeting…

Thanks for your reply. I’ll wait for the feature :slight_smile: