Authentication Strategy. Vision. Switch User

Hi Everyone,

I’ve changed Authentication Strategy to IDENTITY_PROVIDER and now I can’t change the user… doesn’ work for me now…

How should I switch user then? :bust_in_silhouette:

Thanx in Advance.

EDIT: nvm, what I was thinking doesn’t apply here.

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so does it mean that this function is disabled in this case?
Should I first logout and then login again?

My thinking was in using the perspective functions, but since it’s on a vision client, the scope differs than it would be in perspective. It’s why I said it wouldn’t apply. :wink:

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oh yeah… I though the same way and tried to do this, but yeah, it is in Vision, so it’s not working…

ok then… I hope it will not make trouble to the client… :see_no_evil:

There should be an error logging to the gateway every time you attempt to switchUser with the IdP authentication strategy.
Fundamentally, identity providers have certain limitations, dictated by the standard, that preclude some of the existing Vision login functionality from working.


That’s clear now. Thanx for Your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

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