Authentication via PhoneFactor

Take a look at

My company has started using it instead of SecureID.

It works and is/was free for less than 25 users.

We log in with login and password and the system sends an ssl messge to phonefactor’s servers for authentication. Their servers call our cell phone. When we answer and press the # key, their servers send a message back describing the transaction.

It works very well.


Very cool! I like it - anyone else using this?

I have been pushing my bank to go this direction, but so far to no avail.

No wonder the banking system is in such a mess.

You can even set this up so it rolls over from one phone number to another.

I think I read where they were going to possibly use voice prints as well.

I’d love to have a patent on their idea.


Haha, yeah, it is a clever one.